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Hardie Grant

Baking School by Justin Gellaty, Louise Gellatly, Matt Jones

Baking School by Justin Gellaty, Louise Gellatly, Matt Jones

Want to learn to bake the perfect sourdough? Want to surprise your friends with perfect sugary doughnuts filled with most delicious fillings imaginable? Want to make pizza with at home? Or spend a leisurely weekend perfecting your French croissants?

Look no further! Baking School- The Bread Ahead Cookbook will show you how do all these things, and explain the fundamentals and science of baking simply and with a sense of fun. Based on the hugely successful and enjoyable courses the three authors, Matthew Jones, Justin and Louise Gellatly run at the Bread Ahead bakery in London, here are chapters on British, French, Italian, American, Nordic (cinnamon and cardamom buns!), and Eastern European baking, as well as chapters on Gluten Free (yes, and there's a gluten free doughnut), Sourdough, Flatbreads from all over the world, Puff Pastry (sausage rolls!) and of course the famous Bread Ahead Doughnuts.
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