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Earth Tribes

Banneton Brush

Banneton Brush

Meet your new favorite scrubby! The earths tribe bamboo scrubbing brush is not only vegan friendly and sustainable, but it's also incredibly effective at getting your bannetons clean.

And because the bamboo handle is compostable, you can feel good about using it without harming the environment. So go ahead and put your elbow grease to work - your bannetons (and your conscience) will thank you for it!

* 100% plastic free
* vegan friendly
* made from plant materials
* the mix of coconut and sisal bristles make for effective scrubbing on stubborn dirty pots & pans
* great for cleaning also
* compostable at end of life span how to care:
* rinse and dry thoroughly after use.
* placing your brush by the window sill when not in use is recommended.
* this brush loves to be dried in the sun!
* natural fibres will deteriorate if left in wet conditions.

Proudly australian owned

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