Our Ethos

We believe that it’s what we do and how we do it that sets us apart from the rest. We opened Burnt Honey with a lot of ideals and ideas, and we’ve done a pretty good job at seeing them through.

Our general ethos:

We continue to find things that we can do day-to-day to run the most ethical and sustainable business possible. Here are a fewof the things that we do:

  1. We use great technique and the best quality ingredients to make classic pastries the absolute best they can be
  2. We share our knowledge and connections with other businesses in the community whenever the opportunity arises
  3. We provide our team with knowledge, skills and experience to help them grow as workers and as individuals to get to their next goal in life


At Burnt Honey Bakery we feel feel a great deal of responsibility for the impact that we have on the community that surrounds us and the world at large. Here are a few of the things that we do to keep our negative impact to an absolute minimum.

  • We don’t use paper coffee cups. Either dine in, BYO cup or borrow a mug to take for a wander along the beach, we also use Cup Bank by ClayCups
  • We use local and/or traceable produce wherever we can
  • We keep our packaging to a minimum, using unbleached products wherever possible
  • We compost all of our organic and food waste with Plate to Paddock
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning chemicals from XO2.
  • We use landfill biodegradable cling wrap and other plastics from Bio Gone

Social Responsibility:

We take our social responsibility seriously at Burnt Honey Bakery and do our best to make positive contributions wherever we can. Though we can always, of course, do more.
If you have a local project that needs support we’d love to hear from you, simply email info@burnthoneybakery.com.au.

  • We fundraise for organisations that support marginalised and disadvataged communities with our flag cookies
  • We encourage other businesses and community groups to do the same by sharing our recipe and technique at Where We Bake