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All About Cookies by Christina Tosi

All About Cookies by Christina Tosi

In All About Cookies, Christina Tosi brings us into a cookie wonderland,with recipes from and inspired by Milk Bar's fan favorites.No cookie form is left unturned, from classic crispies to sandies, sammies, chewies, bars, and even no-bakes. She remixesan old classic into themarbled chocolate s'more cookie, takes us on a flavor journey with blueberry-and-corn bars, and introduces us to a new favoritewith the jelly-donut cookie sandwich.

And all that creativity is meant to rub off- Through dozens of recipes, she showsyouhow to mix and match ideas, flavors, and textures toturnyou into a cookie wizard. Whether you're swappingoutpeanut butter for marshmallow fluff or adding Milk Bar's famous BirthdayCrumbsto a recipe, this cookbook will reimagine the cookie gamefornew bakers and pros alike. All About Cookies will have you rushing to preheat your oven and push your culinary boundaries to the next level.


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