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Burnt Honey Bakery

BAKE BURNT HONEY #1 - Digital Version

BAKE BURNT HONEY #1 - Digital Version

Bake Burnt Honey #1 is the first in what we plan to be a series of booklets sharing recipes and baking tips straight from the Burnt Honey Bakery kitchen.

Baking truly is about sharing, and it’s core to our ethos here at Burnt Honey. We share our knowledge and skills with those with whom we are lucky enough to work, we share our lovingly made food with those to whom we are lucky enough to sell it, and we have always shared our recipes with anyone who was inquisitive enough to ask.

As the recipe requests have grown I’ve found a better way to share them. Rather than hurriedly scribbling a recipe into an email with a few notes about how to adapt it to a home kitchen, I’ve found myself with the time to give these recipes, and those who wish to bake them, the respect they they deserve by properly bundling them together in a digital and printed series.

This, the first edition, is somewhat of a mish-mash, call it a taste of what’s to come, including editions highlighting gluten free cakes, vegan treats, Christmas biscuits... honestly the possibilities are endless as we pilfer the hundreds of recipes that we’ve developed so far for our little coastal bakery.


Hayley xx

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