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Burnt Honey Bakery

CakeGrrl's Homesick Bakes by Hayley Thorncraft

CakeGrrl's Homesick Bakes by Hayley Thorncraft

Before Burnt Honey Bakery, Hayley was in the UK and feeling homesick, so she wrote and self-published a little cookbook to keep her busy and celebrate home.

In its pages expect to find 20 delicious core recipes with a number of supporting recipes (alternative icings, fillings etc) for both reinvented Australian treats such as Vanilla Slice with a Slovenian twist, crunchy Ginger Nuts studded with chunks of candied ginger, and sticky Fairy Bread Scrolls, as well as bakes specific to my own family, home and life including the Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake that was my very own engagement and wedding cake, my mums famous Greek biscuits (kourabiedes, known in our house "GB"s) and a big, fluffy Mandarin Chiffon Cake served with creme fraiche and tangy candied mandarin segments, all featuring beautiful, full colour photos.

Each recipe is embedded with tips, tricks and knowledge to support your baking and to help build a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of baking not only to ensure the successful execution of the recipes in this book but to arm you with the knowledge and confidence to bake biscuits, cakes, bread and desserts that you might otherwise have felt impossible. Even if you're already a whiz with a whisk allow me to share my baking methods and ethos with you in the hope that you will not only learn a new technique or perspective but that you will be encouraged to share your own knowledge and expertise with others.

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