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Wood Pulp Round Banneton 1.2-1.5kg

Wood Pulp Round Banneton 1.2-1.5kg

Made in Germany from 100% sustainably sourced spruce trees.

Hand-made with passion and precision, the Wood Pulp Banneton 1.5kg round waffle comes with the heritage of German craftsmanship. It’s built to endure wear & tear, frequent use and equally frequent cleaning. 

The round shape represents the basics, probably the most familiar when it comes to baking of any kind. It saves you the hassle of trying to negotiate corners and leaves a lot of space for imagination. 

Approx dimensions: 22cm x 7cm

Care and Cleaning:
- let the banneton dry after every use
- can be dried in your oven, make sure it's turned off!
- do not use any water or soap to clean
- use a brush to dust lightly and store in a dry, well ventilated location.

Available for pickup from Long Jetty

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